Welcome to the TW3 App and all of it's many capabilities

Elite Members: Watch this overview of the App Functionality and Capability. Follow Along to see how you can use these methods to design your own system for your needs. 

Setting Up Your Automated Email and Text Service

Elite Reps: Setting up the TW3 APP Email/Text Service.

Setting Up Your On-Line Scheduler

Elite Reps: Setting up your appointments with the TW3 APP Calendar

Working with Funnels and Forms

Elite Reps: Setting up your sales and training funnels is easy and simple once you get the hang of it. If you set this up correctly, it will work seamlessly with your CRM, Automation, and Opportunity Pipelines. 

Setting up Form Notifications and Working with Pipelines.

Elite Reps: Setting up your forms is pretty easy tp do, but these forms are pre-set to end to the CRM only, and don’t instantly notify you. This video will show you my work around to get the form notifications and information you may want to have. We will also be taking a look at how to set up our pipelines. 

Linking your funnels and Automation Together

In order to your automation to work, you will need to add steps into the funnel and trigger actions for the system to look for. This video goes over how to do that.