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This is Chris Miller and I Hope you are staying safe and profitable out there!

We’re having a Mastermind Training Tonight: Oct 6th at 8pm ET

This is our weekly Elite Mastermind meeting once per week. All ELITE Members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. Just Login to your account and go to Step #10 to access this meeting. If you aren’t a member yet, or you are a member at another level, and are wondering just what goes on inside these Mastermind Meetings, this post should help you.

Our systems here at TW3 are capable of so much it is difficult to fathom. There are basic ways to make money, then intermediate ways to make more money through connections, and cross promotion, and then finally advanced strategies to make money on top of money through residual income streams, and external income opportunities that tie into what you are already doing. It’s INSANE!!!! That’s what we discuss in the mastermind group. The Elites get together and discuss our strategies, learn new and exciting ways to put the tools we have to better use, and even get together and learn from masters in their own craft that are pioneering the way for the future of this business. If you want to make money on line, you need a support structure to bounce your questions off of and hone your craft. That’s the Elite Mastermind meeting at TW3.

So if you haven’t become a member yet, or upgraded to the Elite, now is the time. Get on my calendar right now to get in here at the Elite level so you don’t miss another one of these super valuable meetings.

Before I forget, I want to welcome the newest members of the TW3 Systems Team:

  • Mark Noble – Elite Member
  • Chris Guerrette – Sales Rep Member
  • Jason Bucklen – Plus Member
  • Caroline Nelson – Elite Member
  • Patrick Judd – Sales Rep Member

Folks, TW3 Sales ARE ON FIRE right now, and we are taking those increases and reinvesting them back into the membership. There has never been a better time to get involved and become an ELITE Member here at TW3 Systems.

Just check out the new tools and opportunities which have already started to come out! This new business and marketing solution literally does everything with very little to no set up. With this newest product that is coming to TW3 you can:

  • Automate SMS
  • Automate Voice Mail Drops
  • Automate Email
  • Automate and Appointments
  • Create Unlimited Funnels
  • Create Unlimited Forms
  • Create Unlimited Training Products
  • Manage Payments Via Stripe
  • Create Chat Robots
  • Create Unlimited Triggers
  • Create & Manage Drip Campaigns

If you get enrolled now before we release our New Advanced Marketing Suite you will be grandfather in as the $97 admin will be increasing to $147 per month on November 1st.


Starting November 1st – New Elite members will be getting a residual income raise from $50 per month to $75 per month on every account signed up!!!!!

So just, 

  • 10 accounts = $750 per month in residual income per month.
  • 50 accounts  = $3,750 per month in residual income per month.
  • 100 accounts = $7,500 per month in residual income per month.

Demo Here

Our Business has a Proven $2K- $10K per week in income strategy:

Do you think it’s possible to make $15k per week in your own business working for yourself? What about $10k per week? What about $5k or $2500 per week? What will you allow yourself to imagine as possible? What will you allow yourself to accept as reasonable to hope for? Maybe even more importantly, what have you already pre-judged as unreasonable, undoable, or worse a hyperbolic claim by some nefarious peddler of hope?

Did you know the word prejudice comes from the conjunction, pre-judge. Have you allowed prejudices to stunt your personal and professional growth?

Last week was the largest grossing sales week in the past 13 years of TW3. If you are not using TW3EZPAY to help your clients achieve their business goals, then you need to take a look at it. You literally can help ANYONE get started with Guaranteed Acceptance. This has been a huge game changer for several members.

If you missed episode 477 at Monday night, the above is exactly what we talked about. So you don’t have to go through the whole show here are some highlights you don’t want to miss.

Just started a business and makes $1000 before he’s even paid out any expenses on his business. CLICK HERE to see and hear how.

I was privileged to be in the TW3 Studio during the recent conference.

Terry Wilson, Gary Greene, and Chris Miller at the TW3 Conference in Greeneville, SC September 2021.
Gary Greene, Chris Miller, and Laurie Brown at the TW3 Conference in Greeneville, SC September 2021.

I, Chris Miller, had a great time training as a guest speaker at the conference on “How to Build your Next Multiple 6-Figure Business using the TW3 Systems“. If you missed the conference and would like access to the recording of that training, click here now.

How can someone make $18k per week? Listen to my good friend, and fellow Elite Trainer, Gary Greene offer a real doable and duplicatable strategy on how several of our clients are doing so. CLICK HERE to see and hear that now.

Also tonight in the mastermind meeting we’re talking about some new funnels to use in order to start re-selling some of these new products. 

If you are currently an Elite Member do not miss this training. The link to the zoom call is in your step 10 in the older training modules. 

Look forward to seeing you tonight!

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