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Have you ever wanted to work for yourself, or maybe you already do, but you feel like you run into little hardships that make it hard to get by do to lack of cash flow? One way yo fix that is to have a financing company buy your invoices from you for cash up front so you don’t have to wait around for your money. You can learn more about that by contacting QuickPaid for more information.

Another way to add some extra cash flow, is to build a monthly residual cash machine. This is a very lucrative method to build your monthly available cash flow without adding to your monthly work output to do it. There are several tools and services that give you this capability. One that I recommend are the tools available to sell a la carte when you become an ELITE member of TW3 Systems. We have tools such as auto-responders, auto-text messengers, auto-voice messengers, CRM software, landing page and sales funnel packages, and automated lead generating machines to keep businesses running at peak performance. When you become an ELITE member of the TW3 System, not only do people such as myself (TW3 ELITE Member 3yrs+) have access to use these tools to build and run our own businesses, but we can can also sell them to other businesses as needed. This builds the residual income cash flow and can help you put more freedom in your month with less worry and stress of whether you will cover all business expenses before your customers finally pay you.

Recently, I was reading a blog post which asked a question:

“What aspect of running your business takes the most time out of your day?”

Square Seller Community: @Isabel

I decided to read through the comments because there were 25 of them listed. Some shocked me. Especially one in particular about a small stationary shop owner with a brick and mortar business. Now, most of the tools we have at TW3 Systems are though of to be geared toward lead generation, but I don’t really look at them that way personally. I look at them more as sales cycle automation tools. What’s the difference you ask? The answer is in the way you use them. Take this lady in question as an example. Her answer to the question was that she has to spend about 4hrs each morning sending and answering emails. Then she noted that she worked about 10hrs each day and still had to put 4hrs more in after the store closed to get everything ready for the next day. This got me thinking!

Why can’t I just sell her access to the a la carte tools I have available to me as an ELITE Member of the TW3 System and help her take back her evenings. If I can get her an auto-responder, and an auto-text messenger, and bundle those together with a chatbot for her company website, I can Cut her 4hrs each morning answering emails to about 15mins. This means she can spend more time running her store, and get everything accomplished during store hours. She would then have her nights back to go out and spend time with family and friends. The best part is, I get to help her do that, and I make more monthly cash flow for doing it. Take a look at this:

See, in her retail business, lead generation isn’t her issue, but time is. By putting together the bundle here, I can help her free up her time for only $150 a month. Basically, for just $150, she gets back 240hrs of her life each month. That’s less than a $1 per hour for that freedom and stress relief! Do you really think that’s a difficult sale to make? Of course not. And best of all, I add 1/2 of that fee to my monthly cashflow because I get $75/month from that sale.

But there’s more.

As an Elite Member of the TW3 Systems, I have access to these same tools, and many more, at my disposal to automate my own sales process. I don’t even need to speak directly to this lady to sell her on the idea of spending less than $1/hr to take her day back. I have tools in place that can do that for me, on auto-pilot. All I have to do is set the machine in motion. Here’s the way I have it designed for myself.

So, from start to finish, the entire sale can take place without me, and it puts $75 a month in my residual cash flow machine. But why go to all of that effort? Because now that I have it build, I can set it to work on auto-pilot, and have the system itself reach out to other stationary shop owners like this lady who might be in a very similar situation. What if I sold 10 more in a month, and 5 more the next, and so on? I would have put in no additional time, or effort, and I would have increased my monthly revenue by more than $1,200 on auto-pilot. And it would just keep going, and growing, on its own. That is the power of the tools and process you get when you become an ELITE Member of the TW3 Systems.

So if you are looking for a new job, or product to sell, and you want to make sure you’ll be generating continuous on-going revenue from your efforts, then look no further. If you are a current TW3 System member at the Sales Rep or Plus Level, and you are excited about the opportunity I just laid out before you, you have the power to do it. Contact me today to become a member or to upgrade your membership to the ELITE Level with the TW3 Systems, and let me show you how to take your Money, Business, and Life to the next level.

About the Author

Chris Miller is an Elite Member and TW3 Systems Specialist. Chris has been using the tools and training he has access to as an ELITE level member for the past 3 years to build 2 highly successful businesses. Recently, Chris has decided to donate his time to training others on how to make the most of their TW3 System tools and training, in an effort to help you build your next multiple 6-figure business. For more information about TW3 Systems, or to upgrade to the ELITE Membership today, reach out to Chris at

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