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New TW3 App Demonstration

Want to see the TW3 System in Action?
Tonight, September 20, 2021 Terry Wilson will be hosting a zoom call at 8pm on building your TW3 Funnel with the new TW3app. This will be a new training that will be placed in step 4 of the TW3 System. As the new app is coming out please note a few things.

1. We are still in beta which means things may and probably will change some, however I don’t foresee at this point any major disruptive changes.
2. Training videos for the new app is not created yet but is being created now. Monday night is the unveiling of the first of many.
3. We are setting Elite Members up now with the new app. If you are an Elite Member and have not received your app credentials please let us know.
4. Ticket Support is now handled with the chatbot through the front of my site at  

This training on the 20th of September – Monday Night at 8PM Eastern is open to anyone that wants to come.

I look forward to seeing you tonight if you think you can make it. Give me a shout out in the chat to let me know you are there if you can. One of our own team, Elite Member Mark Noble, is being featured by Terry tonight, so let’s all try to turn out to support him if we can.

CLICK HERE for the zoom link

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